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Why planning and preparation are important.

Planning is not always the most fun activities in your day-to-day. However, a certain amount of time and effort is necessary to prevent stress and last-minute issues.

Preparation is about doing some work in advance and being ready for the next step. It allows you to approach situations with all the information you need beforehand.

As a virtual assistant, my planning and preparation is important as it allows me to meet my clients needs. Lack of preparation on my behalf usually results in stress and anxiety not only for me but for my client as well. If I were not setting the time for planning and preparation I would not be completing the tasks needed properly. When I am working ahead of time, I have the time to do the job properly, think carefully about what I am doing and get any extra information I may need.

3 tips I utilise for planning and preparation

1) Plan to prepare

Whenever a new task, meeting date or project comes across my desk, I will always schedule some time in my calendar to prepare for it accordingly. I think about how I will achieve my clients objectives, what I might need from my client to help me with any challenges I have to deal with before I can properly get started on their tasks.

2) Listen to others

I spend less time preparing when I listen carefully to what my clients are saying. I listen to their opinions when they're telling me where a project's at or what their desired outcome is.

3) Learn to problem-solve

Even with preparation skills, I can't avoid things occasionally going wrong or issues cropping up unexpectedly. However, I have learnt to be quick and creative at problem-solving so I am confident I can deal with any unexpected events quickly. One way I assure I am more effective at problem-solving is sparing time in my preparation to think about anything that could possibly go wrong, and what I will do if it does.

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